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A Spring Clean For the Mind

Amanda Blair is the creator of the Limited Edition of One mindset and book. A proven corporate communications professional, coach and lecturer, she enables individuals and organisations to use their intrinsic uniqueness to make their worlds better places and she is offering you the opportunity to spring clean your mind through sessions with her:

Ok, I confess. I’m not going to float into your home office Tinkerbell-like with a pink feather duster. I’m not going to organise your clothes into a pile of Marie Kondo-style spring rolls. I AM going to offer you some Transformational Coaching to unearth the power of what makes you YOU and no one else. Each Limited Edition of One coaching programme is tailor-made. It can be a oneoff session to work through a specific issue you may be facing in your business or personal life. Or a series of exploratory conversations to facilitate a change you wish to make in your outlook or behaviour. In a complimentary, 30-minute discovery call, we’ll decide whether or not we’re made for each other. If we do decide to go for a second date, we’ll define the objective together. (Should we conclude the chemistry isn’t right, I could always send you a feather duster…)

Click here to request your free conversation. Amanda has lived and worked in seven countries and is trained in Transformational Coaching with ICF accreditation.

You can buy Amanda’s Book Limited Edition of One in our online shop

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