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The Magpie Anthology

Welcome to The Magpie Anthology. Based on a NEAR, FAR, FURTHER premise, whilst we are based geographically on the Isle of Wight, The Magpie Anthology will showcase what’s best here, further away and even further away again looking at what’s happening locally in food, travel, lifestyle and the arts but also in towns and cities across the UK and globally.

With a wide range of global contributors, the blogzine will give the reader the opportunity to hear thoughts and opinions from real people who have visited, eaten, read, seen and experienced and who will give honest editorial and encouragement to you, the subscribers to get out there and see what’s going on. If you have something you’d like to share with us that you think has the wow factor, then get in touch!


Amber Beard

Amber Beard is a writer and blogger with a large body of work under her belt.

With twenty years of experience in publishing, as well as running targeted social media campaigns, she produces content and features for companies and titles both in the UK and abroad. Her writing stems from a lifelong love of words, from the encouragement of her Dad who always badgered her to write and from being a bookworm from the moment she could read.

With a degree in history of art and literature, she is a keen but amateur chef and food fan, vegetable grower, lover of books, looker at things, traveller and reader of much.

Creative Director

Chrissy Taylor

Chrissy Taylor has been a commercial freelance photographer for over 20 years and has experienced the dramatic changes within the photographic industry, technology, genres and the commissioning process so it’s been especially crucial for her to remain focused and dedicated to making beautiful, sensual images, capturing the style of life for every client and for every project. She works hard to ensure that her love affair with creating that work stays alive.

Marketing Guru

James is an author, freelance writer and social media coach. His background is in language and literature, studying with the University of Iceland and the University of Malmö in Sweden.

His writing focuses on people, travel and culture – with his first book ‘The Isle of Wight’s Missing Chapter’ taking a look at the multi-ethnic past of his home region. He’s also written articles for magazines including Taste of the Wight, WightLife and Historic UK.

James is also a social media and marketing consultant. His speciality is teaching business owners how to market their brands better on Instagram – involving everything from developing a visual identity to using little known tricks to accelerate growth.



Jane Cooke, our Well Being contributor, started out as a Graduate Trainee Editor for Reader’s Digest reference books before moving to Dorling Kindersley (DK) as a Project Editor and Multimedia Producer.

She often ghost wrote for DK and authored a couple of titles, but her personal writing began on a six-month trip to South America with a backpack and an international press pass. From here, she filed several articles on travel, natural medicine and ecology/conservation, which appeared in general interest magazines and travel periodicals.

For a blizzard of reasons, Jane qualified as a Chiropractor in 2004 and this led her, initially, to re-launching and editing her profession’s journal, and then to writing about the complimentary health profession in general – with special interests in alternative approaches to musculoskeletal dysfunction (including yoga) and also addiction as a modern health ‘epidemic’. She remains a backpacker at heart and intends to continue travel writing as long as funds are available!

Jane is always keen to receive feedback and requests for particular topics.


Juliet Bawden

I love  designing and making, it is a compulsion and I have to do it.

Taught how to make and create by her mother from an early age Juliet always knew she wanted to go to art school. She trained in textile design, printing and weaving at Camberwell School of Art and still loves textiles in its many manifestations.

She has had over 70 craft books published, some  exploring and making the things her self, and others  writing about designers who are at the top of their  field.

Her books include ‘The Art and Craft of Papier Mache’, published by Mitchell Beazley in the UK and Chronical in the USA. ‘Hearts’ a book of Romantic Gifts published by Conran Octopus in the UK. ‘The Hat Book’ published by Letts in the UK. ‘Rag Rug’ inspirations by Cassell in the UK ‘The Art and Craft of Applique’ published by Mitchell Beazley. ‘The Shirt off his back’ published by Jacqui Small came about from an idea she had when we slid into the 2008 recession, wondering what would happen to all those glorious shirts.

As with many in the art, craft and design world she has had what she calls a portfolio career, designing making, doing makeovers. Recently designing, making and writing for magazines including : Coast, Simply Sewing and Reloved as well as for the web site of both Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley. Juliet has run workshops at the Fashion and Textile Museum for Heals, King makers of Candy Crush and most recently for Leon.


Lucy Callington

I’m the protagonist in a life more ordinary. A stay at home mum with countless walk-on parts.

Sometimes a blogger, frequently a procrastinator, always a thinker. A reader, a writer, and once a ‘reliable’ member of the school hockey team. I’m a village volunteer, a skivvy for my children.

I bought Doc Martens at 14 and again at 40. I think that the Bee Gees were only any good in the sixties and eighties.

My superpower: hiding in plain sight.


Monsieur le Quoi

A biography of the anonymous is paradoxical. Against nature. Everything this nameless individualist wishes you to know can be gleaned from these enigmatic, ersatz epigrams. No more, no less.

His privacy is cherished, hence no tweets, chirps, burps or engagement in any other facile ‘social’ media.

Your, or anybody else’s, approval is neither invited nor valued, and is treated with contempt. If this riddle wants you to know what he’s doing, you’ll already know. You may cherchez Le-Quoi on the electronic highways and byways, but it will be in vain, unless, perchance, another shares his nom de plume and doesn’t mind being a product.

He’s not married, has no children and, with the exception of Baudelaire, Genet and Huysmans, has no time for the French since he gave up cheese.

Everything he says is a lie, including this.

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The Magpie Anthology is a perfect platform for restaurants, hotels, holiday accommodation, galleries, publishers, shops, designers and influencers to showcase their wares through specifically targeted editorial and reviews.


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