The Magpie Anthology

The Magpie Anthology is a magazine / blog hybrid which is available via free subscription digitally. Based on a NEAR, FAR, FURTHER premise, whilst it is based geographically on the Isle of Wight, The Magpie Anthology showcases what’s best here, further away and even further away again looking at what’s happening locally in food, travel, lifestyle and the arts but also in towns and cities across the UK and globally.

The idea has been born out of a great love of the written word and fabulous images as well as a real interest in travel, food, the arts and life. As a magazine / blog hybrid it gives the reader the opportunity to hear thoughts and opinions from real people who have visited, eaten, read, seen and experienced and who will give honest editorial and encouragement to the readership to get out there and see what’s going on. It also has regular lifestyle and ‘opinion’ editorial.

The Magpie Anthology is a perfect platform for restaurants, hotels, holiday accommodation, galleries, publishers, shops, designers and influencers to showcase their wares through specifically targeted editorial and reviews.

How Did It Start?

The Format

We work on the basis of editorially led promotion rather than advertising as we believe that this is more in keeping with our format. Editorial will be available on a paid for basis and can be written in house or by the client.

The benefit of this format is a live link to your website, social media and e mail thus ensuring immediate engagement. Unlike a printed format which will ultimately be discarded, The Mapgie Anthology enables readers to store articles for future reading or reference which will add to the longevity of your presence. As with editorial, imagery can be produced in house or submitted and will be edited by us.

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Editorial Pricing

Peri peri turkey kebabs

‘We Love’ Side Tile

Image and words to be supplied by yourself.

£50 / month

Rouse 2

Editorial Only

Words and pictures supplied by you.


Photography Only

Words and pictures supplied by you.


Editorial & Photography

Up-to 400 words and 6 pictures – equates to an A4 page.


Prices for multiple articles, sponsorship and collaboration to be negotiated separately

Fresh editorial will appear every month with an e mail going to all subscribers alerting them to this. There will also be an ongoing schedule of event posts which can be added to on request.

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