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Annie Shared Her Location: A New Short Film

Film maker and actress Natalie Nasr is proud of her short film Annie Shared Her Location and rightly so. Tackling the themes of different sorts of sexual harassment of women that women experience, the film is just finishing its post production and is due to do the rounds of the film festivals in the autumn. And Magpie wishes it the very best of luck!

Natalie explains the project:

Annie Shared Her Location is a short film containing a montage of several short scenes based on different women’s experiences with different forms of sexual harassment. I was inspired to write this film after hearing the news about 33 year old Sarah Everard. Evrard was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by a Met Police officer in London after she was walking home from a friend’s house. Although stories like Evrard’s are unfortunately quite common, I found myself even more afraid to walk home alone. I started incorporating safety measures into my day to day activities like sharing my location with my friends (hence the title of the film), clutching my keys between my knuckles, and pretending to talk to someone on the phone. The fear then started interrupting my sleep by creeping into my dreams. I started having nightmares of being sexually harassed, which then made me more hyper aware during the daytime. It’s almost as though my eyes had been closed and were finally open to seeing all of the cat-calling, groping, unsolicited text messages and looks that I was getting. I had been blinded to all of that my entire life because I had been programmed to normalize that kind of behavior. I realized how crazy it was that I and so many other women have to constantly implement safety measures into our day to day activities and behaviors in order to avoid sexual harassment – and even then it wasn’t enough! Eventually I started expressing my frustrations to my friends and  found out ALL WOMEN FEEL THIS WAY on a daily basis. I wasn’t in this alone. We are all sick and tired of it. These conversations inspired me to start interviewing women around the globe about their own experiences with different forms of sexual harassment. These stories then birthed ‘Annie Shared Her Location’.  We filmed and wrapped the movie at the end of 2021 and we have now finished all of the post-production for the film. It’s finally ready to hit the festival rounds! I’m beyond excited to share this film with the rest of the world. For now, all I can share is the teaser trailer and some BTS photos, but if you’d like to stay tuned on our film release date, our festival run, and any further information then please make sure to follow our instagram page: Annie Shared Her Location #AnnieSharedHerLocation #ISharedMyLocation #NoMeansNo 

Watch Natalie and the teaser trailer HERE

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