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December 62 – New Single ‘Stop Falling’

The second of Simon Holmes’ solo songs is to be released on June 25th, 2021 will be ‘Stop Falling’, and will be available on all streaming platforms.
Simon describes the song as ‘The newest song of the four, created during the first lockdown. The song relates to the pandemic, the idea came to mind using a capo on
the sixth fret. I came up with some chords and unbeknown to me played them to a 6/8 rhythm. This song captures the sense of human life changing and the natural world not just carrying on as normal but benefiting from the change in human behaviour, with it ending in the line “please stop falling”. It instantly had a Crowded House/Pink Floyd vibe for me, Nick Coler captured this perfectly in the production.

The single will be accompanied by a video filmed on the Isle of Wight along the Newport to Cowes Cycle Track on a Sunday evening. The video is produced and directed by writer and broadcaster, Tom Stroud. The video can be found on Simon Holmes – December 62’s YouTube channel

More info on Simons website – DECEMBER 62

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