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A letter from The Balloon Lady of London – Jane Godsal


Chrissy saw this amazing lady and her family who are, as we all are, at home and contacted her about this amazing balloon rainbow – so very touching and a wonderful tribute to the NHS and frontline workers. This is her reply…

Dear Magpies

Many thanks for your email.   So pleased you saw the picture of the balloons, it really was a lovely family Stay at Home project to do.  My husband and I run a balloon business (self employed working from home) so when everything stopped for us in the events and parties it was a pretty dire situation for us business wise.  

Peter Blake

It all began by us seeing the Peter Blake poster in the London Standard which featured a rainbow.  This inspired us to build a Rainbow of Hope to support all the NHS staff as well as bringing some much needed cheer to the neighbourhood.  The reaction to the installation was incredible and as the word spread we had so much interest with children wanting to come out on their daily walk to see the Balloon House in Tooting!  We could only keep it up for three days because the wind was an issue but it certainly was a joyful three days! We are thinking of another project soon so watch this space!  

I have attached the Peter Blake poster and a couple of pictures of the house in all its glory!

Best wishes

Jane and Toby (with balloon assistance from sons Max and Will…..and a woof from Tommy the dog!).

Well, we can not wait to see what Jane and family do next!

NB: Great photo by : Nacho Sanchez

Inspiring Poster by: Peter Blake

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