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Sustainability and our environment are constant topics in the media, news and on social media, whether it’s climate change, cutting out single use plastic or Veganuary. The start of a new year and decade has encouraged many to look at the importance of being greener in our everyday lives. Here are a few wonderful, independent and eco-friendly companies to kickstart the new green you.

Weaver Green 

Weaver Green
Weaver Green

Plastic pollution is a serious and ongoing struggle, bottles can take 450 years or more to break down and other plastics take at least 1000 years. Weaver Green is a fantastic homeware brand established in 2015, committed to minimising plastic pollution. The company offers everything from rugs, handbags and footstools which are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. In merely 5 years, at the end of 2019, Weaver Green recycled their 100 millionth plastic bottle into a beautiful piece.

You may think that a blanket made from plastic would be scratchy and unpleasant but the yarn, which the founders spent 7 years developing, is not only amazingly soft but incredibly strong, warm and waterproof (you can find out more about the yarn making process on their website). Colours range from soft neutrals to bold and bright shades like coral and cobalt as well as an ever-growing variety of patterns such as herringbone, Oxford stripe and diamond. Blankets and cushions start from £45 and rugs from £40. Footstools, dog beds, baskets and bags are just a few of their other products available as well, at

Weaver Green
Weaver Green

BeeBee Reusable Wax Wraps 

BeeBee Wraps

Founded in 2016, the company’s goal is to make a natural alternative to and reduce single use plastic and plastic pollution. In 2018 the company was featured in The Guardian as a star alternative to clingfilm, which gave the company a well-deserved spotlight. Since then, founder Kath and her team have presented the products on Dragon’s Den as well as producing the wraps for the Woodland Trust and Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign which featured designs by Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. The wraps are reusable for up to a year and come in several sizes and multipacks, the largest size being able to wrap a loaf of bread or tray. The small team at BeeBee make almost all the wraps by hand and have only 4 ingredients: organic cotton, British beeswax, organic jojoba oil and responsibly sourced, European pine resin. 

This summer, the company will be launching vegan wax wraps in new designs by guest artists, making them available to anyone and everyone looking to make even a small positive impact. All wraps and packs are available from, starting from £9.50. The celebrity designed products are available through, however they are currently all out of stock. 


Jangneus is a UK based company with a focus and love for Scandinavian style, their signature product: the humble dishcloth. You may be thinking what’s so interesting about dishcloths but Jangneus have managed to make a boring, everyday item into something pretty and beautiful to look at. All the dishcloths are made and printed in the Cotswolds and come in a variety of colours and patterns from blue moose to pink bicycles. They can be washed at 60℃, and from personal experience they can handle being bleached, and will still retain their colour and pattern. Most importantly, each cloth is made from all-natural materials and at the end of its life, can be tossed in the compost as they are 100% biodegradable. Who knew a dishcloth could be so remarkable? Below: Orange oak leaves, festive pink Easter egg and turquoise tulips. All cloths are £2.95, available from

Words: Jessie MacKinnon – see Jessie’s other feature on The Colours of 2020

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