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There is a canny new app out which enables you to see what your local foodbank needs, where the drop off points are and gives you real time information about supply and demand which foodbanks are often just too busy to do regularly. BanktheFood is an innovative free app which links food banks to donors at the most crucial time; when donors are at the supermarket.

Have a watch of their animated film voiced by Joe Lycett about why foodbanks are #notjustbaked beans and read the stats: A staggering 9.52 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK, meanwhile more than 3.5 million people are seeking support from food banks.

BanktheFood is very simple to use.

Download the app from your app store here and follow the instructions to get started.

Once you have followed your local food bank, the app will send you a helpful ‘ping’ with a reminder of your food banks’ needs when you are shopping in your local supermarket.

You can then choose exactly what you would like to donate and leave your donation in your food bank’s collection box at the end of your shopping trip.

Your local food bank will then be alerted via the app of your (anonymous) donation making it easier for your food bank to track and locate items they really need.

For more information click HERE

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