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Beauty Banks: Fighting Hygiene Poverty

We came across this brilliant initiative on Instagram – and just love the new range of designer cosmetic bags which have been made from recycled plastic bottles and designed by Sali Hughes, Cher Webb, Sam & Nic and Plastic Boy. Beauty Banks is a charity set up to tackle hygiene poverty and here’s how you can get involved and become a Beauty Banker.

‘We’re like Foodbanks, but we supply personal care and hygiene essentials instead of food, to people in the UK who can’t afford to be clean. We believe that everybody is a some body and we all have the right to be clean – our physical health, mental health and wellbeing depends on it. We don’t judge and we don’t stigmatise. We exist to support those in our communities who need a hand up, not a hand out.’ You can buy the bags which are £4.99 and supported by Superdrug HERE

Want to join our movement? It costs nothing but your passion and commitment for change. Inside our STARTER KITS you’ll find everything you need to kick-start your local Beauty Banks campaign and become a BEAUTY BANKER. Download your relevant STARTER KIT and get campaigning on our behalf. Private Bankers collect amongst friends, family and colleagues. Public Bankers invite the public and their customers to donate at their shop, salon or cafe. We will match you with a registered charity in your area so you can donate to them directly – meaning what’s donated local, stays local. It’s super easy. Read through the Bankers Kits. Send us an email, using the contact form on our website HERE so we can register you as a Beauty Banker and support your efforts on our social media channels. Then pop up the posters, use our logo and get Beauty Banking.

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