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Bert & May: Artisanal Collection

Bert & May’s new Artisanal collection is inspired by Mediterranean skies, crystalline turquoise waters and local Spanish flora. The collection includes three striking new designs in a carefully curated, Spanish-inspired palette, with patterns reminiscent of reclaimed pieces and graphic motifs which take cues from Southern Spain’s natural beauty. Each pattern has been designed to work in harmony with earthy tones – natural woods, woven materials, handmade ceramics
and terracotta – to create an effortless and artisanal look.

The Artisanal collection showcases the skills of Bert & May’s artisan craftspeople in Andalucia. Each tile is skillfully and delicately made by hand in moulds using a traditional technique to create beautiful patterns with a tactile quality. The three different designs work beautifully together for a cohesive collection that is perfect for outdoor entertaining, but which works equally well indoors. Bert & May is renowned for its raw, honest materials and fine craftsmanship, and is the number
one source for reclaimed tiles and timbers in the UK. Lee Thornley, founder of Bert & May, said: “Our new Artisanal collection is reminiscent of relaxed sunny
days in Spain and has a timeless feel that could work inside or out.”

Named after the hilltop town in Cadiz, the very roots of Bert & May, this design is inspired by an old reclaimed tile, which has been brought back to the modern day with a deep Mediterranean blend of blues and greens. Reminiscent of deep seas and olive trees, this look is perfect for a patio or garden room filled with greenery.

A modern sunny design which is influenced by the southern Spanish coast, this vibrant motif and deep azure blue takes its inspirations from whitewashed walls and bright skies.

There are also two new colourways in the Formentara range – fennel and pistachio…

Inspired by the picturesque walled town in northern Spain with breathtaking terraces and natural beauty, this striking new design creates a clean and fresh look and makes a bold statement when used in large areas. It comes in washed-out Navy and Brighton Stone to give a subtlety and warmth.

Artisan collection: dimensions, colourways and prices
Vejer: 20 x 20cm; Navy, Turquoise, Limestone & Fennel
Formentera: 15 x 15cm; Azur & Brighton Stone
Pals: 20 x 20cm; Navy & Brighton Stone
Prices £150 sqm ex vat £6 per tile excluding VAT.
Made to order 6-8 weeks, samples available now.

Founded in 2013 by Lee Thornley, Bert & May is a bespoke lifestyle brand with a love of natural pigments, materials and fine craftsmanship. Synonymous with a simple and elegant aesthetic, Bert & May is a specialist maker of handmade artisan tiles and engineered wood and uses its extensive design credentials to collaborate closely with designers and architects to create bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, sourcing reclaimed tiles and antiques to bring a unique look to any space. The brands’ love of original design and raw materials continues to underpin everything it turns its hand to – from working with traditional craftspeople and timetested methods to collaborating with pioneering designers and architects.

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