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Bored with the cold? Valentine wreath to make <3

It’s flippin’ freezing out there so why not stay indoors and make something lovely for Valentine’s Day – or in fact any other day. As always, the fragrant Juliet Bawden is on hand to show you how…

I have devised a simple heart shaped wreath for Valentines day. This is a one off for the day. If you want the wreath to last longer use fake flowers and leaves, or use a heart shaped florists oasis for the foundation and use fresh leaves and flowers as we have here. 

You will need

15cm Polystyrene heart from £2.25 from Amazon (we are assured that these are in stock and will be delivered next day)

Roses pink

Eucalyptus leaves


Glue dots

Dress makers pins

1. Using, inexpensive scissors, cut the heads off the roses. You do not want to ruin good dressmaking shears.

3. Pin the roses down their middles to the top inner edge of the heart shaped wreath.

4. Cut the eucalyptus leaves and glue dot them, so that they slightly overlap, around the heart. They should cover all the white polystyrene.

Photography: Antonia Attwood

Styling Assistant: Elsa Collier

Buy your heart shaped polystyrene HERE

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