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Buy a Rose – Donate to Charity

We love this scheme from David Austin Roses to buy a rose and give to charity. The roses that are sold by David Austin are like the ones you remember from childhood – fabulously scented, multi petalled and just beautiful. I have three myself including two bought this year which I’m anticipating with great pleasure – Princess Alexandra of Kent and Roald Dahl… Roll on summer :0)

£2.50 from the sale of each Nye Bevan rose will be donated to a selection of NHS and other health-based charities.

An uplifting rose bearing unusual open cupped flowers of soft yellow, paling to cream. The scallop-shaped, incurved petals are loosely yet generously assembled around a central boss of golden stamens, creating a soft, airy appearance. 

£2.50 from the sale of each The Generous Gardener rose will be donated to the National Garden Scheme and other health-based charities. Bears beautifully formed flowers, which nod gracefully on the stem. When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water lily-like effect. The flowers are a pale glowing pink and have a delicious fragrance with aspects of Old Rose, musk and myrrh.

£2.50 from the sale of each Princess Alexandra of Kent rose will be donated to the Alexandra Rose Charity and other health-based charities. The unusually large, bright pink flowers are full-petalled and deeply cupped. In spite of their size, they are never clumsy, being held nicely poised on a well-rounded shrub. There is a strong and delicious fresh Tea fragrance, which changes to lemon, eventually taking on hints of blackcurrants.

You can buy these roses HERE

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