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Canopy & Stars – The Only Way is Ethics

Canopy & Stars inspect and select the most inspiring places to stay in the great outdoors, for those in search of a life more wild!

In 2010, Canopy & Stars launched in an old farmhouse, with seven spaces and a team that could get round a few small desks, if they all kept their elbows in. As they grew, they discovered that there were a lot of amazing people out there building beautiful, inventive, often downright crazy places to stay and that more and more people were feeling the need to reconnect with nature. Nearly 200,000 Guests (and a staggering 9,000 dogs) have now used their retreat collection to get outdoors.

Canopy & Stars

They believe in making travel as low impact as possible by working with owners who build and live sustainably and encourage people to appreciate the natural world and being a part of preserving the environment. This focus has never been stronger, and in 2018 their Charitable Trust was launched to support environmental causes and became Employee Owned to ensure that values are never compromised.

In 2018 they entered into a unique version of Employee Ownership, in which the company was divided between the employees (52%), a Charitable Trust (24%) and the Sawday family (24%). Employee Ownership is still fairly new but the advantages of people having a stake and a say in where they work are well documented and they are excited by the potential it gives them as an organisation. Over the next few years, the Charitable Trust will grow with the company, developing into a real force for good and supporting causes they all decide on and believe in. Canopy and Stars will always promote small, local businesses and help to inspire individual places to flourish in a world of mass-produced travel. Amen to that!

Canopy & Stars

The Canopy and Stars ethical ethos is:

Inspire people to connect with nature through meaningful experiences. Have a positive impact on the environment. Care about the people we work with. We only accept around 20% of places that apply to us, because we’re looking for more than comfort and quality. We look for generous, creative Owners that care deeply about what they’ve made, so you stay in spaces that surprise and inspire you from the moment you arrive.

We spend time in every place on Canopy & Stars before we decide whether or not to welcome them into the collection. If you see it on our site, you can be sure there’s something special you’ll love. We’ve met the Owners, experienced what they’re providing and know who it would be perfect for. It’s one of the things that make our Guest Experience Team amazing – they can talk you through all our spaces from first hand experience and find you somewhere perfect.

Canopy & Stars

For more information and some proper inspiration check out the amazing selection of getaways including Treehouses, Shepherd’s huts, Log Cabins, Safari tents, Yurts and Geodomes all available at: Canopy & Stars

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