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Chakras: The Energy of Colour: Pink

Colour is energy that surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. Our auras and bodies are no different. Colour is wired into the very fibre of our being and, likewise, our environment, planet and universe. So it makes sense that the colour of our homes, clothes, artwork, food and nature affects us in different ways.

Each chakra energy centre in our body is associated with colour and while fairly consistent, even these vary according to myriad philosophies. (For more on chakras, read the first feature in this colour series from November 2018 ‘What are Chakras and How do Colours Affect Them’). As designers at Serenvida, we use every hue, tint, shade, tone and value of colour in our work, but also focus on 14 key colours based on our holistic learning, mentors and experience.

This chakra colour focus is all about pink. While spring green is closely associated with the heart chakra, so is pink, with its own individual and overlapping role to play. The prominent heart chakra sits midway between the lower chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus and the upper chakras: throat, brow and crown, forming a powerful bridge between the two areas or sections. So its energetic significance cannot be underestimated. Episodes of scientist Greg Braden’s seminal ‘Missing Links’ series explored the power of the heart and the heart-brain union as the key to expanded consciousness and enlightened humanity in the future and ancient times. Hence pink, connected intrinsically to the heart chakra, is far more powerful than one might assume.

Pink is the colour of compassion sitting across the corridor waiting for a friend or family member to emerge from a ward, a silent kiss upon an aged father, or the scented rose which whisks away any gloom. Pink can disentangle any web or plot, and change the world with its loving might. It’s a child’s cheek so soft that you can only melt, a lover’s passionate embrace or simply a head on a caring shoulder. Crucially, pink is also the colour of self-love, with a message about honouring yourself first so that you can then help others.

There is so much variety in the colour pink that its effects for any given space will shift depending on its intensity and value, plus any underlying tones. At its most vivacious, it’s a hot shocking pink or playful, though at times nauseating, bubblegum pink. The former can work wonders with trendy gold or orange if the atmosphere calls for glamorous invitation and exotica in an upmarket lounge, while the latter can actually delight and leave an abiding impression in the right locale and hue combo: think Key West, teal, black and flamingo and similar tropical settings like Havana, where pink and emerald combinations are taken to incredible heights in the faded elegance of its buildings. Likewise, the exterior work of the much lauded Mexican architect Luis Barragon, allowed pinks to shine boldly within the sun drenched landscape.

Greater refinement comes through magenta and other violet tinged pinks while the right amount of orange to the appropriate tint of pink provides a favourite salmon. Headiest today are dirty roses and dusky mauves pared with monochrome schemes. Black, white and barely there blush are the current rage, and justifiably so. However, moving over to blush, coffee and yellow offers excitement and uplift without the need to shock. Try these ideas out in a living or family room to raise the vibration in an understated but trend-led fashion.

In the end the attraction and attributes of nurturing pink are countless. From tenderness and passion to understated sophistication, this hue allows for many possibilities indoors and out.

Words : Manisha Harkins – Serenvida 

Photos: Christine Taylor and Serenvida


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