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We recently noticed this initiative all over our social media and contacted the company to find out just what CrowdFarming is all about and it’s not just fascinating but is helping to eliminate food waste from over production, enabling farmers to have relationships with their customers and allowing people to buy direct…


CrowdFarming® is a new, transparent and sustainable way to source your food: adopt a tree, an animal or part of a garden, receive fresh food cultivated just for you straight from the farmers and help fight food waste. They are reducing food-waste and the environmental impact of agriculture by matching the supply and demand of each product through adoptions, improving farming conditions, transparency, and delivering quality products across 28 countries.

For the past 10 years, brothers, farmeneurs, and co-founders Gabriel and Gonzalo Úrculo have been producing and selling their oranges on-demand at CrowdFarming’s sister company Naranjas del Carmen. They decided in 2017 to expand the model to other agricultural products: the CrowdFarming seed was planted! They say, “We are not trying to digitalize the traditional food supply chain. We are not an on-line supermarket. We are building technology for a new food supply chain that allows new experiences for consumers, stable income for farmers, and that rethinks the whole cultivation, harvest, and logistic process.”

Brothers Fernando, Gonzalo and Gabriel Urculo

So, how does it work? First – Meet the Farmers and decide what you’d like to buy – it could be olive oil, pasta or lemons. Second – Adopt and plan your harvest – adopt a field, a tree or even a Manchego sheep! Third – Let the farmer and nature work and then fourth – receive your harvest at home – this could be summer blossom honey from your adopted hive, walnut oil from your adopted tree or green tea from your adopted bushes…it’s as easy as that.

To learn more about this project and to plan your adoption, go to the CrowdFarming website.

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