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Darning Repair Make Mend: By Hikaru Noguchi

Coronavirus week two and here at The Magpie Anthology we are doing what a lot of you may be doing and that’s looking at things a little differently. This weekend was all about getting the seedling pots going that we got free from M&S, we had been giving them to the neighbour’s kids but this time thought, we must try this ourselves.

Two big old pots recommissioned and off we went, Basil, Parsley and Pansies….fingers crossed!

On that note, we came across this wonderful book by the ‘darning guru’ Hikaru Noguchi ‘Darning Repair Make Mend’. Hikaru helps us to look at our existing resources, re-using and re-purposing our ripped or worn out fashion and fabrics.

Hikaru Noguchi ‘Darning Repair Make Mend

Beautifully photographed and easily written in a step by step way that guides you easily through each method, great even for non-sewers like myself. I do have a pair of jeans that have a hole coming and hubby has several pairs of ropey old socks that I would normally throw away, but hey, let’s just try this for a change.  

It’s a really beautiful book and actually very practical. With ten chapters to keep you going covering: mending sweaters, shirts, other items in your home as well as accessories such as scarves and bags; this may even change the way you look at your fabric items altogether. 

Hikaru Noguchi ‘Darning Repair Make Mend

This stunning book is obviously available from the usual suppliers Amazon etc but it is also sold through the greatest website 

I defy you not to loose valuable time once you’ve logged on to that one!

Now, I’m sure I’ve got a needle and thread around here somewhere…….

The book is published by Quickthorn and ranges from £17 – £19 depending on the supplier.

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