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Distinctive Art

Tania Wight has been influenced by some of the most famous artists and techniques to produce her colourful pieces many of which reflect her island living. She tells the Magpie Anthology all about these influences and how her art has developed and is produced.

“I have quite a distinctive and colourful style which gradually evolved, quite organically, over a couple of years and I now paint in this way the majority of the time. I don’t think it has a particular name, it’s just the way I paint. I am fascinated by the way we see images and how our brains interpret blocks of colour and shape, and have been influenced by aboriginal art, pointillism, stained glass and, of course, mosaics. I greatly admire the works of Rothko, Kandinsky, Gaudi and Picasso to name but a few.

I think the fact that I didn’t go to art school means that I’m not tied by artistic ‘rules’ and conventions because I have no idea what they are! I just paint whatever pops into my head most of the time, sometimes it works, a lot of times it doesn’t. You’d be amazed at what I’ve overpainted with something else. I start off with a rough pencil outline, then fill in all the colours. Each little block of colour, or ‘tile’ as I call them, is painted individually and by hand, not a stamp as some people have asked! Next I go around each colour ‘tile’ with black, which really changes their appearance, and finally I finish the work with 2 coats of a high gloss varnish. The metre square pieces take approximately 100 hours to complete. I’ve been told by clients that my work ‘has an honesty and joyfulness about it’, well that’s good enough for me.”

Tania will consider commissioned pieces and this has been a popular option for previous customers. She can be contacted by email:,

She also has an Etsy shop and Facebook page (TaniaWightArt) where she sells large prints and other merchandise, and has a gallery on Wight Originals website


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