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Focus: LIND DNA – Danish Sustainable Design

Have you ever wondered what happens to the remnants of leather from shoes, bags or furniture? No, you probably haven’t. But Preben Lind a designer did, and the result is LIND DNA which has been in partnership with one of a very few worldwide manufacturers offering recycled leather for a number of years…

Danish company LIND DNA offers a huge range of products that are designed to compliment each other and are made from or topped with recycled leather. The leather is remnants of furniture, bag or shoe productions which are mixed with natural rubber from trees. The result is a durable quality of 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber, which is dyed and embossed in decorative patterns.

Hot Mats

All of LIND DNA’s designs are developed in house – from initial idea to production and final shipping to customers and from their beginnings in 2013, the company has been environmentally responsible. The materials used are responsibly sourced and waste management continuously refined. Their zero-waste strategy is based on a waste prevention policy, proactive reuse and optimised separate collection of waste at source to guarantee quality recycling with the main production goal to eliminate toxic waste that poses a threat to the environment.


Design, craftmanship, local production and zero waste is their philosophy with products including coffee tables, stools, clothes racks, table – top items and of course their well-known selection of table mats (the largest on the international market) which are all designed and made in Denmark.

metallic curve table LIND DNA
Metallic Curve Table

**LIND DNA has been renamed Børsen Gazelle and is still among the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

Words: Mary Ann Singleton

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  1. Lovely to see such stylish design from leftovers. Recycling up to now has rarely looked this good, but things are changing. Great feature thanks.

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