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For the Love of Cheeses…

You may think that you know about cheese (and maybe you do) but here are three things that we’ve discovered that you might not have thought of! Here’s cheese lover John Wright with some tips for maxing out your fromage experience.

It’s all in the tools you use. Buy yourself a set of proper cheese knives (or dig the set out that you got fourteen Christmases ago). An ordinary sharp kitchen knife is fine for hard cheeses but you need the one with holes in the blade for soft, sticky cheese. And why? Because the holes reduce friction which essentially stops your brie ending up a squashed mess.

Don’t be boring with your accompaniments. Chutney is fabulous with cheese but why not switch it up a bit and try fruit cake with your cheddar (yes really), honey with blue cheeses, a fig or quince cheese (it’s a sort of flat sliceable jam) with sheep’s cheese and a good sharp pickled cabbage with your brie.

What are you drinking? Did you know that the tannins in red wines very often don’t show cheese off at its best, especially with creamy varieties? White wines and sparkling ones suit these cheeses far better and are great palate cleansers. You could also try cider, sherry and of course port to partner your cheeseboard and maybe even a beer to be going on with.

Whatever you decide to have with your cheese, remember that you should always eat it at room temperature for the best flavours. Happy cheesing!

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