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Hoisin ‘Duck’ Salad – Benarsh Laly

Vegan chef and founder of leafychef Benarsh Laly tells us why he does what he does and shares a great recipe for Hoisin ‘Duck’ Salad

“It was only after going vegan that I truly fell in love with food – spending evenings veganising all my favourite dishes, eating healthier than ever and really feeling like I was doing something positive for the planet and all beings on it. But, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of the groceries or research new recipes for the week, and we can fall into old habits. That’s why I started leafychef.

leafychef makes eating vegan easier than ever, whether you’re doing it a few days a week or full-time. No more checking ingredients with a magnifying glass. No more trawling Google for something other than avocado toast. Just fast, easy and delicious plant-based favourites delivered to your door each week so it’s a breeze for you to do your bit for your planet, body and taste buds.

With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, we aspire to use produce sourced locally from suppliers with the same ethical and sustainable outlook that we have. What’s more, at leafychef we believe that inspiring change means being the change, which is why each year we will donate 10% of our profits to Friends of the Earth.”


1 tin vegan Mock Duck (from your local Asian food store)

tsp Brown Sugar

Juice of one lime

40ml soy sauce

40ml sesame oil

100g watercress

1/2 – 1 red chilli, deseeded and cut into julienne

1/2 – 1 green chilli, deseeded and cut into julienne

Thumb-sized piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and cut into julienne

1/3 mooli/daikon (Japanese radish), cut into julienne

10 radishes, sliced

Large handful of fresh coriander, leaves picked

Bunch of spring onions, trimmed and sliced

Crushed lemongrass stick

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 200C

Drain the tinned mock duck and place the pieces on a lightly greased baking tray. Brush with vegan hoisin sauce, and sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 20 mins.

While the mock duck is cooking, make the dressing. Put the ginger into a bottle or jar with the lemongrass and chilli halves. Pour the lime juice into the bottle, add the brown sugar, soy sauce and olive oil, season with salt and pepper, then put the lid on and shake the bottle well. Leave to infuse until you are ready to serve. Strain before using.

When the mock duck is nice and crispy, remove from the oven and leave to cool. Once cool enough to handle, shred it apart a little with two forks.

Combine the watercress, chillies, ginger, daikon and radishes in a separate large serving bowl, add the salad dressing (minus the aromatics) and toss to mix. Add half of the coriander leaves, spring onions and toss to mix.

Serve the salad on a platter or individual plates with the crispy mock duck on top, then sprinkle with the remaining coriander, spring onions and sesame seeds.

For further information about leafychef click HERE

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