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Life Light Cambodia

Last year, in the unlikely venue of a hospice, I came across Stuart Moore who has set up a small, but growing, charity Life Light. Stuart, had been visiting my brother and we got talking as you do. He told me about his visit to Cambodia, where he discovered that it has the highest road death rate of under 15s in the world.

Poor Cambodians with large families will send their brightest child to night school, so they may learn English and be in a position to get a better job and therefore more money for their family. If that child is killed on the road the family have not only lost a beloved child but also the potential of improving the lives of the family.

Stuart came up with the idea, to supply and distribute, free of charge, high visibility reflective road safety equipment to every child in Cambodia. These are in the form of flexible wrist-bands, this has the advantage of one size fits all. It also works in an extremely hot country where a high-visibility vest would stick to the body. Whilst the transport infrastructure is gradually being improved, road safety education for the young is sadly non-existent. Life Light’s aim is to change this with their equipment and education.

Life Light

To help fund the charity Stuart sells the armbands to bike shops in the UK, and for every one sold here he can provide two for free in Cambodia. Alongside the distribution of equipment, the charity aim to give a basic education of road safety to children in the schools and villages throughout this incredible country.  “BE SEEN, BE SAFE” is the message Life Light brings to the youngsters and with public support they hope to save many lives. 100% of every donation, (no matter how small), goes to the supply and distribution of hi visibility equipment for the children of Cambodia.

Life Light

Click this link to go to the donation page:

Words: Juliet Bawden

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