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Limited Edition of One: Amanda Blair

From a professional colleague of mine, Limited Edition of One brings creativity to the bus stop and the coffee shop in a new full-colour, interactive book which invites readers to turn their intrinsic uniqueness into an everyday asset.

I’m not usually a fan of anything that I actually have to interact with as opposed to just read but on this occasion I’ve been lured in and am slightly apprehensive as to what it might reveal about me! With anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter and exercises that range from: ‘plot out the bus, train or car route of your dreams’ to ‘suppose someone has invested the concept of elastic time and you are invited to test it’ and ‘come up with three people you have never spoken to but think would be on your wavelength’, this book gives the reader the perfect opportunity to understand the ingredients that make you who you are as well as developing useful creativity through writing and drawing.

With the launch of Limited Edition of One, British author, communications professional and university lecturer Amanda Blair commits to making creativity accessible and useful. The book revolves around the power of “daily differentness” – the characteristics, actions, and encounters that turn ordinary into extraordinary. It contains over 50 playful exercises and triggers, all dedicated to exploring each reader’s uniqueness. They cover areas that everyone has access to, from time to possessions, language to sleep. Readers can complete the exercises with words, sketches, voice-recordings or daydreaming, whatever suits their current mood and location.

“Today’s society widely believes that creative thought and action are survival tools in a world of change and uncertainty. But that is coupled with a common conviction on an individual level that creativity is something exclusive and measured in paintings and poems. That’s where the power of ‘daily differentness’ comes in,” Amanda explains. Limited Edition of One proves that everyone has a unique identity and story that can make a positive difference to their and others’ circumstances and lives. Amanda Blair also offers tailor-made corporate and private workshops and coaching, centered around the “daily differentness” methodology. Recent projects include designing alternative interviewing techniques with HR managers and exploring perceptions of beauty with a haircare provider.

The Limited Edition of One book contains photographs by Eloise Sands, taken when she was 17 years old and a finalist in the UK’s National School Photography Awards 2017/2018. Two years later she is studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University and developing her photography portfolio with passion and success. German graphic designer Claudia Gnädinger was responsible for the book’s layout and visual language. In the meantime, I’m off to find my tribe…

Amanda Blair Limited Edition of One
Amanda Blair

Limited Edition of One is available online at:

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