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Magpie Soundbites: Jenny Linford

We first met Jenny Linford, food writer, independent food producer champion and author a couple of years ago at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival. Born in London but living as a child in Singapore and Italy, her appreciation of food stems from living in places where food is not just eaten but truly relished. She is a true food enthusiast and has highlighted the plight of small producers who have suffered huge losses during the pandemic. She says ‘ In 2020, the Covid-19 crisis changed many aspects of our lives, including how we shopped for and consumed food. Beginning with my British Cheese Crisis piece – written off my own bat to highlight the disastrous situation facing British cheesemakers with the closure of hospitality which struck a remarkable chord with people – I’ve written a series of pieces exploring and charting through producers and retailers the impact of the pandemic on people in the British food scene’ which you can read some of HERE. You can also listen to Jenny talking about her book The Missing Ingredient on our Magpod.

What I’m reading at the moment: Summer by Ali Smith

The book I wished I had written: The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. Wonderful food in it.

The book I should have read but didn’t: Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin

The last film I watched: The Apartment, directed by Billy Wilder

Guilty pleasures: Marmite and thickly spread butter on cream crackers, piquant Gordal olives with a glass of fino sherry, my own chocolate brownies, Bulow’s addictive Passion Fruit Liquorice, browsing through Sous Chef’s website.

Music that makes me feel happy: Bob Marley, King Sunny Ade, Manu Chao

Fantasy dinner party guests: Dirk Bogarde, Colette, Barbara Kingsolver, Katherine Hepburn, David Attenborough, Barack and Michelle Obama

Four things to take to a desert island: olive oil, soy sauce, Marmite, Pump Street chocolate.

The ingredient I can’t do without:  garlic

Favourite dish to cook: Beef rendang

Favourite chef or food writer: Jane Grigson

Three wishes for 2021: Being able to eat out again, cooking for friends again, visiting Lisbon again.

The Missing Ingredient is about what makes good food, and the first book to consider the intrinsic yet often forgotten role of time in creating the flavours and textures we love. Buy it HERE

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