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Christmas in the time of Covid (Part 1)

By Juliet Bawden

We are living in strange times and with much of the world in lock down, we are thrown upon our own resources. Some of us are now time rich but sadly cash poor as we lose our livelihoods. Pleasure can be found in creating something with our hands. With this in mind, I have come up with some inexpensive and ethical Christmas decorating ideas as well as a few presents that you can make with things that you may find round the home. The first project is pompoms made from old plastic bags. You can also make pompoms using bits of wool left over from knitting projects, and I once even made pompoms by cutting up old single socks. 

Not wishing to encourage the use of plastic bags, I suggest you use and reuse bags until they start to get holes. When they are finally of no further use then make pompoms out of them.

You need very little in the way of materials, just scissors, plastic bags, cardboard and string or twine. You will also need something to draw round to make a large circle with a smaller one in the center.

Draw around a small saucer or a large roll of tape onto the card to create a circle. Use something like an eggcup and draw round it to make a circle in the center. Cut out the two cardboard shapes, with a hole in the center. Cut the plastic bags into strips about 1cm wide.

Place one cardboard circle on top of the other and then start to wind the plastic strips round the two circles as in the picture. Carry on until the whole of the cardboard is covered. The more strips you add the fluffier the pompom will be.

Cut a piece of string or cord and put to one side. Holding the plastic covered discs, insert the scissors between the two outer circles and start to cut. This is the tricky bit as you don’t want to end up with a load of plastic on the floor. When you have cut all the way round the outer ring insert the cord and pull the two ends together, drawing together the pompom at the same time. Tie the string ends together.

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