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Monique Lucas

We LOVE to champion new young designers and we wanted to show you Monique Lucas and her crisp, clean designs. Here’s what she has to say…

Monique Lucas is a brand that, through homewares, captures the quirkiness of island life. I spent a lot of my life on the Isle of Wight and travelling around a variety of other islands. I was fortunate enough to live in both Hong Kong and Singapore in my childhood and travelled to many other tropical islands.

From such experiences, I have found a continual inspiration of both island life and atmospheres. The surroundings of the sea, greenery and ever-changing nature are what birthed my detailed, but vibrant, designs. The Isle of Wight is quirky, fun and distinctive; all characteristics I desire to shine through my designs.I produce most of my work when I am on an island; free minded, slowing down and connecting with my surroundings.

To buy Monique’s lovely fabrics, cushions and cards see: MONIQUELUCAS

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