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Smashed Avo Heaven

Forget shrimp on the barbie – this is the quintessential Aussie go-to meal.

You may think you know Australia, but unless you’ve experienced smashed avo at Shelly Beach then you don’t know a thing.

Although Shelly Beach is located in the tourist mecca of Manly, surprisingly it’s not too overrun by the masses (YAY!). So do yourself a favour and take a walk through Manly along the seafront to Shelly Beach, more particularly, The Boathouse Restaurant – not a very inspiring name I’ll admit, but trust me it’s definitely worth the effort.

If you only have smashed avo once in Australia, make sure it’s here. Believe me, I don’t make this recommendation lightly…I’m a Melbourne local, so it pains my soul to recommend something in NSW. I don’t know how they manage to make toast, avocado, fetta and tomato taste like a little slice of heaven, but they do and it’s bloody amazing. It’s fresh and lemony and basil-ly and just the perfect plate of divine. The smashed avo is $18(AUD) which is the norm really, so if you want a couple of coffees and a juice you’ll be looking at $30-$35 – welcome to Australia! I’m sure the other menu items here are just as lovely (it all looks great), although I really can’t comment, as I came here three mornings in a row and had the smashed avo every time – I know, who does that, what have I become?

Try and get a table outside along the path, if the weather doesn’t impress you then the people watching is a guaranteed success. There are enough tiny dogs and yoga pants strolling by for a few eye rolls and a giggle, and Shelly beach itself is actually beautiful. It’s a small secluded beach which is great for swimming and even a bit of snorkeling. I’d get down here early, claim a spot on the beach with my towel and deck chair, then mosey over to The Boathouse for brunch. You can definitely make a day out of it, hey, if you’re feeling wild you can go back over to The Boathouse for happy hour after a day on the beach!

As well as smashed avo, The Boathouse also produces other healthy treats like this fabulous granola with fruits.

Words: Lindsee Hamilton
Pictures: Supplied


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