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Some Solutions to Adult Acne

Skincare expert Jane Gibbs Baranova talks to The Magpie Anthology about acne and adult acne at that. Not perhaps as unusual as you might think.

You may think that acne is something that only affects teenagers…Well I am here to prove you wrong and talk about the subject that so many of us are still embarrassed to talk about or acknowledge. As a teenager, I had quite a good skin and never thought of what might happen in my late thirties.
After a sudden death in my family my grief changed my hormonal balance and severe acne was the result. Working in the Spa of a 5 star hotel and promoting skincare was extremely embarrassing as my acne was bad enough for the doctors to pity me. No make up could cover it up enough and no medication or creams worked sufficiently.

Years went by and we as a family moved to the UK. I really panicked as all my medical and skin support network was left behind in a different country… The search for information, knowledge and help began and eventually led me to the International Institute for Anti Aging in London. Four years have passed. I opened my business, Seaview Beauty Clinic, became a skin clinic of the year in 2018,and have my skin under control. Getting daily compliments about my skin, age, etc still doesn’t feel real. What is real are the people that my advice, passion and knowledge have helped and has given them confidence.

Adult acne is a condition that will return until the cause of it is dealt with. The few causes known to us are: hormonal, bacterial, allergy or intolerance to a food group. We are all very different and there is no such thing as an acne solution to fit all. In my clinic I try to find the ways and put treatment plans together to help and keep it under control.

Dr Des Fernades, founding father of Environ, the scientific skin care brand that changed my life (not being dramatic) is a plastic surgeon from South Africa who found the way to help skin conditions and slow down the signs of aging by introducing Vitamin A , and its power to regenerate ,restore and heal. Environ started almost 60 years ago and is now world famous for skin cancer prevention work and reconstructive surgery following.

The three brands I believe in and work with are Environ, Jane Iredale mineral, cruelty free make up to help skins healing, protection and renewal and advanced nutrition skin supplements created in London and based on Patrick Halfords theories. All three brands can be purchased in the clinic after a skin consultation and a carefully made plan. Environ is not sold online and a is prescriptive brand due to its powerful ingredients. Over the last four years we have seen more then 1000 people and hope to be able to welcome new faces.

Before and after

Sharing my knowledge and ability to help has become a powerful force that gets me out of bed in the morning. Even in the cold winter days like today…

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