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Space Oddity – for kids…

With this weekend having been the anniversary of both the birth and death of David Bowie, this book for geeky kids seems entirely apposite.

Most of us know what it’s like to have an embarrassing parent but Space Oddity by Christopher Edge takes the concept to a new level in this science and David Bowie inspired novel aimed at 9 to 12 year old kids with a dad who’d not just embarrassing, but is in fact an alien telling his son Jake that he’s ‘not actually from Wales’ but ‘from a planet that orbits a star four light years away from Earth’. The planet is Proxima B and we can’t see these aliens let alone see them because the Earth is in a Cosmic Zone of Exclusion…

Part story of aliens and outer space, part science lesson, Space Oddity is also about tolerance of others and the importance of family – more important than ever in these times we are currently living in and an ideal brainy book for geeky kids. I’ve just bought it myself for the 10 year old this week grandson who asks endless random questions which have included: can you blow bubblegum bubbles from a nostril and when you step on a autumn leaf and it doesn’t crunch do you feel devastation… I kid you not.

Buy Space Oddity £6.99 from Chicken House Publishing HERE

Read the below extract:


It looked like a shooting star at first – a silver streak of light, glowing bright against the darkness of the night. And trailing in its wake soared three more glowing spheres, their lights flashing blue and white as they fell towards Middlewich Forest. But if anyone could have heard the noise coming from inside the silver streak of light they would have realized that this wasn’t a shooting
star – it was a screaming star. ‘AAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!’

The alien’s scream faded into a gibber of fear as he spun around the observation dome. Branches and leaves bounced off the flying saucer’s failing force field as the spacecraft crashed through the trees. On the rear-view screen he could see the glowing spheres growing even brighter, their blue-white beams of light almost blinding him as they closed in for the kill. ‘WARNING! YOU ARE TRESPASSING IN A COSMIC ZONE OF EXCLUSION. ALL TRAVEL IS STRICTLY RESTRICTED. WARNING! YOU HAVE ENTERED THE ATMOSPHERE OF A P-CLASS PLANET. ALL CONTACT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. WARNING! YOUR VESSEL WILL BE VAPORIZED IN THREE ZEPTONS. PREPARE FOR DISINTEGRATION, ION OF MMBOG—’

With a despairing flick of his wrist, Ion tried to cut the communication channel into silence. For an alien, Ion looked remarkably human. One head, two arms, two legs. No tentacles. The only thing that would make him stand out from the crowd, apart from his shiny silver – 2 – – 3 –
jumpsuit, was the colour of his skin – which was a bright shade of green. Ion grabbed hold of the starry egg that hung suspended in the air in front of him. This was the Quintessence – the beating heart of his spaceship. With this he could control everything: the interstellar drive, the quantum gravity boosters and the Zeno cloaking shield. But all of these were useless now . . . Wrenching the egg-shaped device free from the energy matrix, Ion’s emerald fingers scrabbled to activate the emergency settings. If he couldn’t save his spaceship, he could still save himself. Through the observation dome, Ion could see the ground of this strange planet
racing up to meet him. The only chance he had left was an emergency teleport to the surface of this world. And there wasn’t far to go. Twisting the device, Ion heard the lifeboat mode load with a click. The stars that shimmered across the Quintessence’s surface now shone with a pale green glow. As this eerie light surrounded him, Ion felt the atoms in his body start to unravel. The last thing he heard was the sound of the robotic voice ringing in his ear: ‘YOUR VESSEL WILL BE VAPORIZED IN ONE ZEPTON—’ And then he was gone…

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