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This is a wonderful incentive from our lovely contributor Juliet’s daughter Alice. PIVOT is a social enterprise set up by Alice Moxley to give young people work, pay them a living wage and to help them out of poverty and this brass bookmark is their latest creation. We LOVE it! And to all you bookclubbers out there – what a perfect gift for a book club friend. Here’s what Alice has to say:

Dear Friends,

As always, we are totally indebted to your support, and so we have a few bits of news we’d like to share.  

Our bookmarks have been selling like HOT CAKES, and we’ve sold almost 200 of them in just two weeks, meaning more work for our makers, greater impact and a bigger reach. The more we sell, the more people can get involved, so please #spreadthelovesendahug and tell all your pals about what we are doing, and if you haven’t bought one yet – buy one here.

They cost just £10 and every bookmark sold we will donate £2 to the Crisis #inthistogether fund

And please remember to take a picture of your bookmark and tag us on social media platforms using the hashtag #spreadthelovesendahug – it really does help! 

This month we are trialling short-runs of new designs, incorporating different materials alongside our base metal designs. The first is up on our website with just five available to purchase.

Shackleton Leadership Award
Pivot’s founder, Alice Moxley, was delighted to receive the Shackleton Leadership Award earlier this week on behalf of Pivot. The award will help fund Pivot while we expand the project and give access to tailored advice and support as we grow. 

Year Here crowdfunding campaign
Along with five other social enterprises, Pivot is taking part in the Year Here crowdfunding campaign. Together we are aiming to raise £25k and are well on our way! Please support if you can. 

We cannot thank you enough for supporting us, especially at this difficult time. 

With love, 

Pivot <3

You can read our previous article about PIVOT – HERE

Words: Juliet Bawden

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