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#Staypositive Posies for the #NETCoronavirusAppeal

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design has teamed up with the National Emergencies Trust to send messages of positivity to NHS workers.  ‘Staypositive’ posies can be bought from their website with all the proceeds going to the charity’s Coronavirus Appeal.

The idea started when the florist partnered with Buzzbikes, a London-based bike subscription company, in an initiative to help deliver bikes, free of charge, to NHS workers, enabling them to get to work cheaply and safely. Elizabeth had been deeply touched by the support of a couple of her key clients and she wanted to pay this kindness forward, not only to the wholesalers that her business in turn supports, but also to the wider community.

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design came up with the idea of using their flowers as an add-on to the free bikes to let the NHS workers know that the whole country was thinking of them and wanted to help them stay positive.

Charlie Bell, a paramedic, was delighted to receive his posy: ‘it was such a heartwarming gesture…. Altruistic gestures like this go such a long way in boosting morale. It goes to show that in a climate of uncertainty, humanity shines through.”

Now the posies are available for anyone who wants to send a message of positivity to an NHS worker they are thinking about, or even to someone they don’t know, just to spread cheer and help the appeal. This is rapidly turning into a nationwide campaign, and will allow, as far as possible, florists from all over the country, to remind everyone that not only can flowers help us stay positive but action can be taken to support the nation whilst staying safely at home.

John Herriman, CEO of the National Emergencies Trust adds: ‘We think this is a fantastic idea to spread a little cheer and thank NHS workers for their commitment. The proceeds will go towards our Coronavirus Appeal which is ensuring the most vulnerable people are getting the vital help they need during these challenging times. The money raised will be distributed to local grassroots organisations who are best placed to get the support to those who need it most efficiently and quickly. By purchasing a #staypositive posy, you’re not only brightening someone’s day, you’re also helping protect those in the most urgent need.’

Liz went on to say “The predicted storm of patients will be a real test for the mental resilience of these dedicated workers, as it will be for the nation as a whole, and flowers can have a positive impact on that, helping us all to get through.”

The posies are being delivered straight to the healthcare workers’ homes or hospitals where they work, and the strictest contactless delivery procedures are being followed. Anything above material costs will go to the charity.

To send your #staypositive posy to an NHS worker click here.

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