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Telling Stories Through Flowers : Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design recently caught our attention with their sentimental and stunning Valentine’s Collection, complete with bouquets ranging from effortless to extravagant. With February 14th fast approaching, we took a closer look into both the story and the team behind Elizabeth’s magnificent flowers, and why there is more to them than meets the eye. Inspired by their team of florists and storytellers combined, here are our top five reasons to step into the world of Elizabeth Marsh.

  1. Telling stories with flowers

For the team at Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design, the purpose of flowers goes far beyond the purely decorative. Whilst we all have different motives for buying flowers – be it to brighten a home, a gift to ourselves or to a loved one, to express our congratulations or our sympathies, and above all to send our love, one particular factor has played a key role in curating exceptionally unique bouquets: that of storytelling. By getting to know clients and their dreams, Elizabeth Marsh and her team have developed an unparalleled knack for reflecting the various chapters that take place in peoples’ lives: all through unforgettable floral design. 

  1. Defining success by seeing imagination come to life 

In Elizabeth’s own words, anything that can be imagined can be achieved. The catch, according  to Liz, is having the will to do what it takes to get there; something the company’s founder became aware of when asked to define success. As Liz sees it, success is seeing your imagination come to life and harnessing that sense of your work never truly being done, which allows for not only a progressive attitude in business, but an endless flow of ideas in bringing new projects to fruition. The feeling that there will always be goals ahead of you is proof of imagination’s immortality, and with this mindset we can not only learn from Liz as an entrepreneur, but come to better understand how her brand evokes the feeling of “just how I imagined, only better.” 

  1. Sustainability is a priority

As a society, our focus is becoming increasingly centred on the ethics and values of the people behind the brands and the products that we consume. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that sustainability is a priority for Elizabeth Marsh, whose passion for flowers stems, in part, from their ability to heighten our connection to the natural world, and consequently our collective responsibility to preserve it. From recycling event flowers into bouquets for old people’s homes, to sourcing almost all of their foliage locally, to their upcoming project focused on educating future generations on biodiversity and climate change, Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design is constantly striving for new ways to make their environmental footprint as responsible as possible.

  1. An exciting and ever-expanding clientele  

Have you ever left a restaurant feeling almost more blown away by the flowers on display than by the food? One of the beauties of Elizabeth Marsh is her ability to create everything from subtle bouquets to heartstopping designs, made both for individuals and prestigious names in hospitality alike. From Le Caprice to Harvey Nichols to the Ivy, you can enjoy Liz’s floral designs when going out and about, just as you can from the comfort of your own home. As we all look forward to the world opening its doors amidst current lockdowns, you can get inspired and enjoy some virtual exploration in the meantime at @emfdlondon on Instagram. 

  1. Their Valentine’s Collection is to die for

From Black Velvet roses to deluxe Cherry assortments, Elizabeth Marsh’s Valentine’s Day collection is bursting with stunning bouquets that are as elegant and exuberant as you’d like them to be – but that, most importantly, reflect love. Be it to a parent, a significant other, a best friend or a neighbour, let that person know they are special through flowers that will remind them how much you care. Read more at Letting Flowers Speak Louder Than Words This Valentine’s Day for inspiration, and explore the whole collection here

Get in touch at or by phone at 020 7738 8506. 

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