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The Energy of Colour: Turqouise

Colour is energy that surrounds us in every aspect of our lives.  Our auras and bodies are no different.  Colour is wired into the very fibre of our being and, likewise, our environment, planet and universe.  So it makes sense that the colour of our homes, clothes, artwork, food and nature affects us in different ways.  Each chakra energy centre in our body is associated with colour and while fairly consistent, even these vary according to myriad philosophies.  (For more on chakras, read the first feature in this colour series from November 2018  ‘What are Chakras and How do Colours Affect Them’).  As designers at Serenvida, we use every hue, tint, shade, tone and value of colour in our work, but also focus on 14 key colours based on our holistic learning, mentors and experience.


Out of these, it’s hard not to pick favourites when turquoise raises its glorious head above the parapet. What’s not to like about a colour saturated with the promise of azure ocean, island castaway dreams, and ultimate escapist tranquillity?  It is that perfect jadey-blue bordering on teal sensibility that sets turquoise apart from the rest.  Associated with the throat minor and thymus chakras, it brings in the serenity of sea, beachy days covered in sand, sunshine and salty waves.  Doesn’t the mere mention of it all pacify and soothe? Well that’s turquoise through and through. 

Turquoise calms the monkey mind. Hyperactivity, distraction, running indiscriminately from one task to another, intense stress and overwhelm: Turquoise can help to subdue these various states and retune the mind to a better frequency. It is a deeply balancing colour. Use it to bring back peace of mind — in the person and their surroundings.


Whether interiors or exteriors, turquoise brings in the same incredibly soothing energy with an uplift, simply because of its seaward stare.  How can we resist it?  The great news is that design sleuths are feeling the influence of turquoise again. 

After the clamour for boho chick, 70s retro has made a huge resurgence, and this calls for a cocktail of vibrant colours with exuberant shapes. Though not quite Zandra Rhodes nor Vernor Panton in its calmer musings, Café Jade Serenity by British designer Bethan Gray for Ambiente Frankfurt still recalls their vivacious imaginings in shapes and colours. Coral-nude and pine green furniture plus exquisite detailing sit beautifully against the turquoise blue balloon ceiling and geometric patterned turquoise-jade and gold wallpaper, plus muted blue suede bench seats and carpet.  Serenity is a wonderfully apt name, as that is the energy that turquoise exudes. It is contemporary beach in a nutshell.  Likewise, trendy interior designer Peter Micik revealed his penchant for turquoise coupled with coral in his very own home recently. 

With such colour combinations evident in our palette, sea is undoubtedly on many a mind. Whether that is the influence of Sir David Attenborough highlighting the plight of the worlds’ reefs and marine life, Bahia beaches and Boho tropics continuing to remain on trend, or simply because nothing speaks of summer bliss like turquoise, the re-emergence of this beautiful hue makes for blissful spaces ahead.  While it’s true it arose last year too, particularly in gorgeous bathroom metro tiles along with equally beguiling sister shade teal, turquoise’s eternal appeal will keep us dipping our feet in its clear aqua waters.

Beach towel, hammock and lemon balm gin spritzers anyone? 


Photos: Christine Taylor

Words: Manisha G. Harkins

Further Information

With a strong instinct for colour and over 20 years of combined design experience (design, prop styling, vintage design retail, design journalism), Kate Wilding and Manisha Harkins launched Serenvida Ltd, their intuitive colour and textile design company. Both are trained textile designers who have exhibited at New Designers London and at the Cardiff Festival of Wellbeing.  They love to use the specific energy of colour to encourage holistic living. Qualified in colour therapy and energy practices, they’ll guide your colour and pattern choices/mood or style direction for a space or project; or guide your friends and colleagues in a intuitive workshop. Serenvida provides colour remedies suited to a client’s needs, happily bridging the gap between design and intuition in the process. You’ll find them at and write to them at

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