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The 30 Day Declutter Challenge

You’re at home in lockdown. What better time to put some of your time to good use and declutter. Sarah Bowen of has shared her brilliant 4000 word blog with us about how to declutter your home and life and set a ‘30 Day Declutter Challenge’

We are loving this! Feel free to check it out here:

But in the meantime, here is the challenge:

It’s not a coincidence that the most successful people around us have goals. As we have looked at over the course of this intensive guide, breaking down huge tasks into smaller, more achievable goals makes sense. We don’t all have the time to drop everything, empty our house completely and sort every item down to its true value. There are kids to feed and dogs to walk! With this in mind, you can make great gains on decluttering your house if you can just do one little thing each day for a month.

  1. Meditate for 15 minutes. Imagine your life without clutter
  2. Find a kitchen utensil you have really no use for. Give it away
  3. Look for something that’s out of date in your kitchen cupboard. Get rid of it
  4. Sort through that pile of letters and bills in the kitchen. Recycle or shred them
  5. Pick out a piece of clothing that fits no more. Give it to charity
  6. Find a piece of jewellery you haven’t worn for a year. Gift it to someone
  7. Find something, anything, in your house you don’t want. Sell it and count the money
  8. Pick out a cookbook. Make something from it or give it away to charity
  9. Clean out the junk from inside your car. Spend any money you find
  10. Go through your old medicines. Throw away anything out of date
  11. Find a stack of old magazines. Recycle them or give to an art teacher
  12. Open the junk drawer. Throw away items until it closes properly
  13. Go through the kid’s cupboard. Donate clothes they have grown out of
  14. Pick out all the socks that don’t have pairs. Throw them out
  15. RELAX! This is your day off. You deserve it
  16. Clear off the dining room table. Enjoy a proper family meal on it
  17. Look through your phone. Remove any apps you don’t use
  18. Buy a functional storage item. Commit to using it
  19. Find a worn and broken pair of shoes. Throw them away
  20. Search through your freezer. Use or throw away old food past its date
  21. Congratulate yourself! Doing something for 21 days creates a new habit
  22. Go through your emails. Delete as many from your inbox as possible
  23. Find old and half-burned candles. Melt them down or throw them away
  24. Start a loose change jar. When it’s full, treat yourself to something special
  25. Sort through old greeting cards. Unless they make you cry, get rid of them
  26. Organise your drinks cabinet. Pour away any old alcohol you don’t like
  27. Download a decluttering app. Make the most of the good advice it gives you
  28. Pick up five things, and find a place for them. This is where they should stay
  29. Promise to not buy any clutter for 30 more days. Stick to this plan
  30. Marvel at your personal transformation. Enjoy your simpler home and life!

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