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Top Drawer : Interiors trends 2020

Recently Olympia hosted ‘Top Drawer’ the show where the buyers go to source new, unearth the latest trends and discover emerging talent, and buy for the coming season. Here are the key interior trends for Spring /Summer 2020 as suggested by Juliet Bawden.

According to Flamingo Trend Predictions, there are four key trends this season the first being Playful Chromatics. Described as a fun filled palette of block colours that bring modernity through mid tone brights. Varied hues are achieved through mixed material densities.  A key colour is neo mint and it adds a fresh and positive start for 2020.

Coach House Top Drawer

Kate Burroughs, Interiors Journalist of the Times, mentions in her predictions for 2020 the pantone colour of ‘Classic Blue’, which is more or less a cross between French blue and  Royal blue. Lilac is being used in some home wares. Blue also features in another of her 2020 predictions, chintzy china. There was a great deal, of that old favourite, blue and white china, much of it with a modern twist.

Kay Van Bellen Top Drawer
From Illustrated stories, artwork that tells tales through eclectic narratives by Kay Van Bellen

The second predicted trend is ‘Rare Bloom’ powerful, pigmented florals grounded with soft brown leathers. Florals add deep intensity of reds, oranges and purples clashing with acid lime, and tempered with soft peachy coral. The show certainly had many surface designers who have taken their inspirations from nature with fine examples of flowers and insects.

Katie Victoria Brown Top Drawer
Fleurs de La Soir, Hummingbird and butterflies
from Katie Victoria Brown

‘Mad About The House’ journalist Kate Watson Smythe, in her predictions for 2020 describes how we are turning away from the minimalism of recent years and embracing pattern, particularly with a new take on English country style with layers of colour and pattern.

Portico Designs Top Drawer
Portico Designs – Archive Rainforest Print Stationery. Photo:

Unadorned Tactility is the third trend and that is formed from new interpretations of traditional materials. Organic prints and textured layered on to geo shapes give a bio-futuristic look.

The fourth trend is Serene Warmth. It is describe as dappled sun warmth and cool shade, colours are juxtaposed in the raw fabrics, rich prints and smooth pale marble and concrete. This trend fits in well  with Kate Watson Smythe’s prediction that ‘the fashion for brown furniture, which I wrote about last year, has now become part of the sustainability movement and will, rightly, continue to grow in popularity. We will buy more from eBay and vintage stores, we will paint and customise and upcycle more and we will continue to reupholster and repurpose.’

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