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Visit Doc Martin Land This Summer!

Award winning designer Anouska Lancaster has created one of the most beautiful and quirky holiday lets that we’ve ever seen! Nestled in the seaside village of Port Isaac, probably most famous for the Doc Martin series, Rose Cottage is a picture perfect place for you and the family to stay.

Anouska tells us how the project began . “It’s a Grade II listed former fisherman’s cottage a and we believe it belonged originally to the main captain in the harbour which made it one of the most important houses in the village. Port Isaac dates back to Tudor times and we belive the cottage itself was built in the 1700s and when we bought it the cottage was absolutely rotting away. It has been patched up for hundreds of years and the front has been cement rendered and the house had just filled up with water where it had been absorbed by the render and was just sitting in the walls. There was woodworm and the ceilings collapsed as we took them down so we had to take the whole place back to the original flint stone and start again and when we did that, we discovered that the building had been two cottages at one time as we found a second front door when we scraped back the render inside and out”.

Everything that Anouska did to the cottage was done with complete respect for the surrounding area and with full Listed Building planning approval and she replaced all of the walls, floors, ceilings, electrics and plumbing. “It was a long, painful process and we had to lime render the outside which is one of those processes that rarely gets done these days and it took five layers of lime to complete it. Each one has to set in between layers and they can take up to six weeks to dry and we had the worst weather throughout the winter of 2019. Then of course we had lockdown and so everyone downed tools and disappeared so it was a much longer and harder build that we expected but we eventually finished it”.

Anouska’s style is not for the faint hearted or traditionalists! “I wanted it to be colourful and I wanted it to be fun with a nod to the nautical with a really happy interior. When you go away, you want to be in different surroundings – somewhere that vibrant and different from home and joyful and so that’s the spin that I’ve put on it. Lots of colour and patterns with a nautical modern twist to it and I used as many local Cornish artists and fabric and wallpaper designers as I could. The kitchen was all made by hand in oak with white quartz worktops so it’s traditional in that sense but the colours that I’ve used make it more contemporary. Because it’s such a tiny, quirky cottage with so many nooks and crannies that everything was bespoke and that’s what gives it its charm. I think with all that’s been going on we all need some joy and colour in our lives”!

You can see more of Anouska’s design work at NOUSHKA DESIGN

Rent Rose Cottage, Port Isaac, Cornwall, HERE

Photography Chris Fletcher

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