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We Love: Travel Mementos by Julie Watson

This delightful little book would be the perfect gift for anyone with a touch of wanderlust. A series of short essays, vignettes and snapshots of Julie Watson’s some forty years of travelling gives the reader an unique insight into the tiniest of moments from far flung places around the world. The perfect lockdown companion whilst we all can’t travel internationally, it might just help you to plan your own trip and write your own travel mementos.

Now based on the Isle of Wight, Julie details a quirky meeting with a woman called Jacky who like her was teaching at a language school in Cambridge and who offered to read her palm and decreed that she would travel and write. This book of twenty stories which span the globe are fascinating, poignant and honest with my own favourites being Travels in the Company of P38 (a handy utensil given to Julie in Israel), Lovestruck in Leningrad (love at first sight but unrequited) and the story of Roscoff onions…  “When I retired, I wanted to create something out of my travel memories I could later read in order to relive bits of my life. In my early twenties an amateur palmist read my hand and informed me I ‘would travel a lot, and could write but probably lacked the willpower. It took a while, but I hope I have now, definitively, proved her wrong about the last prediction!”

Travel Mementos: Personal Stories about Faraway Places by Julie Watson retails at £6.99 and is published by Beachy Books Partner Publishing.

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