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What We’re Binge Watching

Well, as we’ve been let down severely on the British weather front, we have full permission to spend evenings binge watch the telly! And here are just some of what we’ve been watching that are truly bingeworthy…

The Pursuit of Love – a favourite book which tells the tale of Linda and Fanny – lifelong friends and their pursuit of love between the wars. Fabulous costumes, a stellar cast including Dominic West as nutty Fa with his ever present entrenching tool, Lily James as the love pursuer Linda and the former hot priest from Fleabag, Andrew Scott as the dove dyeing Lord Merlin. Pour a glass of wine and settle yourself down for a self indulgent three hours. And of course, the big question is – are you an Hon or a Counter Hon? See the trailer HERE

Halston – the true story of the legendary sixties and seventies fashion designer which charts his extraordinary rise to worldwide fame and tragic downfall. With Liza Minnelli and Andy Warhol amongst his famous friends, it’s a fascinating insight into the world of Studio 54 and the decadence of the age. Halston is beautifully played by Ewan McGregor and Krysta Rodriguez is wonderful as Liza. There are some fairly explicit sex scenes – you have been warned! See the trailer HERE

Lastly (and we were a little late to the party on this one), there’s Shtisel. The series follows the lives of the Shtisels, a Haredi family in Jerusalem and in particular patriarch Shulem and son Akiva – who we all have fallen just a little in love with. It deals with the unfamiliar to us customs and rites of the Jewish family and focusses on Shulem’s efforts to get the wayward Akiva married off. It’s funny, poignant and after the first couple of episodes, utterly compelling viewing. Think brilliantly written sub titled soap… See the trailer HERE

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