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It’s been so flippin’ hot that the best thing to do is watch telly with a fan going. Apart from what seems to have been an endless few weeks of sport (if I hear the phrase’ but it’s only once a year’ again I’ll scream!) there have been some great new series and films to enjoy – and in no particular order, in amongst the sport, here’s what we’ve been watching…

For a good, old fashioned thriller, if you haven’t already, then do catch up with Sherwood. Set, as the title suggests in Nottingham, it follows the tale of two shocking murders, and references the background of the miner’s strikes of the eighties and divisions still within the community and  there are twists, turns and an excellent conclusion. With a stellar cast including David Morrissey, Lesley Manville and Robert Glenister it’s definitely one to watch and you can see it all on BBC iPlayer- see the trailer HERE 

The Holiday is another series worth a watch, especially if you fancy marital intrigue, lovely views and lots of teenage and adult angst. Four families gather for a dream luxury holiday but a dark secret triggers fears of betrayal and ends in murder but who really did what to who? Starring Jill Halfpenny, Owen McDonnell and Aidan McArdle it’s a good binge romp. Watch the trailer for this Netflix series HERE

And finally an ever so slightly camp but hugely entertaining film – The House of Gucci. If you missed it at the cinema which we did, then it’s now free to view on Amazon Prime. With Lady Gaga as the girl from nowhere who marries into the Gucci family and Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci , the hapless husband and worm who eventually turns, the film is inspired by the shocking true story of the family empire behind the Italian fashion. Worth it for the outfits alone! Watch the trailer and see if you can spot a well disguised Jared Leto HERE

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