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What We’re Watching in October

Auntie Beeb has come up trumps with two brilliant series, both of which feature families but in very different ways and these are what we’re glued to in October here at Magpie Towers…

Life BBC Drama

Life has a stellar cast and is set in the various flats of a grand, now subdivided house in the city of Manchester. Rachael Stirling and Adrian Lester play Kelly and David, whose relationship is golden from the outside, but in trouble indoors. Another flat contains Henry (Peter Davison) who you will spend much of your time shouting at and wife Gail (Alison Steadman), who is about to turn 70 and who has a chance encounter that turns her life on its head. The there’s Belle, who some might remember from Dr Foster, working as a pilates instructor and attempting to rebuild her life after the carnage she walked away from as Doctor Foster concluded. Her new start is compromised by the arrival of teenage niece Maya. Then there’s the story of Hannah who lives in the final flat with “safe and stable” Liam, but her cosy life and happy anticipation of the baby is ruined when Andy shows up. Perhaps the baby father isn’t the solid option after all. I defy you not to binge watch!

Watch the trailer HERE

The other series which is absolutely worth a watch is Us based on the David Nicholls book of the same name. Starring Tom Hollander and Saskia Reeves it follows Douglas Petersen a seemingly happily-married man who’s meticulously planned a grand tour of Europe. However, his family holiday schemes hit a slight road bump when his wife Connie tells him she wants to separate. Is their marriage over? Not if Douglas can help it. He convinces Connie to join him on their European vacation, using the trip as a desperate quest to win back her love. Some very funny and poignant scenes with the couple’s son Albie and the girl he meets en route…

Watch the trailer HERE

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