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Yoga Health Retreat: At Chateau de la Vigne, Loire Valley

One of us lucky lucky Magpies has just spent a week at a Yoga Health Retreat in the Loire Valley with the no nonsense nutritionist May Simpkin and Yogi Guru Jamie Blowers. May has a Masters science degree in personalised nutrition and is an experienced clinician and registered therapist. Jamie has over 20 years of experience in contemporary dance, movement, choreography and yoga. He is an expert teacher and ensures the best yoga practise for your level based on Ashtanga principles.

Yoga retreat, Chateau de la Vigne
Chateau de la Vigne, Loire Valley

May emphasises that “The aim of the retreat is to help kick start your overall health and wellbeing with a realistic, practical and achievable approach, whilst allowing you the opportunity to digitally detox, slow down, re-set and enjoy a few days of prioritising YOU.”

Yoga retreat, Chateau de la Vigne

I can definitely say that a week did exactly that for me, I returned feeling calm and balanced with a few tools to draw from when life kicks back in….and a few pounds lighter. Always a bonus.

Being a part of a small group of gorgeous girls based in a real life Chateau in the middle of the stunning Loire Valley with a newly refurbished Yoga Studio (as seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY) plus a large outdoor swimming pool, throw in fabulous weather and it was easy to slip straight into the ME thing.

The homemade gourmet meals, invigorating walks, swimming, therapeutic and relaxing massage, alongside revitalising Yoga twice a day all made up the unique retreat programme, re-introducing us to our physical and mental wellbeing.

May runs her informal cookery school every day after yoga and breakfast and I learnt so many new things; I asked dumb questions about things I should probably know about nutrition, we sampled the best a great cook has to offer and took away great ideas that May shared with us including having several pre peeled garlic cloves in your fridge in a pot and making lemon juice and freezing it. Simple but effective time saving tips.

A poor diet, one lacking in the right nutrients and an unhealthy lifestyle can account for a number of conditions that, all too often we accept as part of our normal lives.

May’s no nonsense approach is based on her caring deeply about health, her own and others and advocates that every mouthful we eat needs to count. With her nutritional training and experience she guided us gently into realising that you can take simple steps to make changes in your life and I can honestly say that this retreat has had a profound and long lasting effect on my life, health and wellbeing. Job Done May!

We also talked about the menopause….A LOT!


May’s next retreat: Revive and Rejuvenate Yoga 4 Night Health Retreat 2019.  Wednesday 11th – Sunday 15th September 2019

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