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Igigi:The General Store: Hove

A stunning general store, café/restaurant, women’s wear boutique, online store and AirBnB accommodation interior designed by the fabulous founding duo Alex and Zoe based in central HOVE, East Sussex.

Igigi Hove

Alex and Zoe explain that the reasons they established Igigi General Store are simple: “We live our lives this way. We get to go to a place we love every day. We enjoy spending our time there, whether it’s working in the store with customers, helping them to find that special gift, designing a kitchen that’s functional as well as original, or sourcing furniture to make a space truly unique. This is why we founded Igigi”

Igigi Hove

The General Store

The girls tell us about The General Store “It’s is where we gather all of the beautiful things that make igigi home so special. From linens to lighting, soaps to sofas, our shop is an ever changing collection of unique girts, natural homewares, one of a kind pieces and bespoke furniture.  A constant evolving hub of creativity, there is always so much going on in our store”

Igigi Hove

Womenswear Boutique

“We like the idea of dressing head to toe in one colour or shades of; enabling the wearer an opportunity to create a capsule wardrobe of clothing that becomes a uniform almost. Of course, there are occasions where those rules need to be broken.”

Igigi Hove

CHARD – Café/Restaurant

Is a family run “house of food and creativity” with an emphasis on locality and seasonality offers elevenses to a lunchtime sharing platters to a la carte suppers with butler’s choice pairing wines to a full private dining experience.

Café Igigi Hove

AirBnB Accommodation – SELBORNE HOUSE

Zoe and Alex invite yuu to experience Igigi through their bespoke apartments which are available to rent for short breaks throughout the year. A Stay Less Ordinary apartment -Selborne House is excellently located in the heart of Hove and offers a unique stay in beautiful surroundings. 

Selborne House Hove

For more information and TO BOOK: AirBnB



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