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Christmas in The Time of Covid (Part 3)

By Juliet Bawden

Here are a couple more frugal Christmas decorating ideas for you. The first involves re-using old letters, photocopies or print outs that are no longer needed and a tea bag. The second is making stars from two pieces of thin card and interlocking them.

Project 1: Tea bag, aged manuscripts

If you have access to a photocopier and don’t wish to use your original printed matter, photocopy onto A4 paper and then use a damp tea bag to stain the paper. This is a lovely thing to do with music. Leave the paper to dry. Or use original paper and do the same tea bag trick with it.

Use a shaped pastry cutter to create a template or draw round a leaf or draw a shape freehand.

Cut out 6 of each shape. Place the shapes on top of one another and using a needle and thread or wool or raffia, sew down the centre of the shape creating in effect a miniature book.

Sew odd beads to the top and the bottom of the shape and a create a hanging loop at the top.

Project 2: Paper Stars

Trace off the design as shown in image. If you want a mixture of sizes, photocopy the design and scale it up or down depending on the size you require. Cut out the shape. You will need 2 for each star.

Fold one half of the star in half at its narrowest point. Press firmly to score it. Open up the star and then fold in half again in the opposite direction and then from point to point. Repeat with the second half of the star shape. Fit it together by holding one star shape above the other, with the pointy bits sticking outwards, attach by the middle narrower bits. They will slot into one another Use thread to attach them to the tree.

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