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Like the magpie who collects shiny things and takes them back to his nest, so The Magpie Anthology will pick the shiniest art, the best literature, wellbeing trends, fabulous places to go and anything else that takes our fancy and put it right here in our nest for you to enjoy. And we hope that you do!

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Magpie: A lover of shiny things
Anthology: A published collection of pieces of writing

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The Magpie Anthology is a perfect platform for restaurants, hotels, holiday accommodation, galleries, publishers, shops, designers and influencers to showcase their wares through specifically targeted editorial and reviews.

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Free Subscription Online Lifestyle Magazine

Notes & articles about ways of staying healthy (but happy). From surviving dry January to Yoga quirks.

Free Subscription Online Lifestyle Magazine - Life Less Ordinary

Life is wonderful and far, far from boring. From the art of being an individual to reverse dinosaurs. The weird but weirdly familiar.

Free Subscription Online Lifestyle Magazine

Larder: a cupboard or small room used, especially in the past, for storing food in someone's home. Take this section as an online version of it.

Culture Vulture - Free Subscription Online Lifestyle Magazine

Do you love arts, exhibitions, music, poetry and other artistic subjects? Are you a vulture for culture? Then this is for you.

Not For Profit - Free Subscription Online Lifestyle Magazine
Not For Profit

Discussing charitable work, mental health, the society and other topics which we could all profit from in a non-monetary way.

Wanderlust - Free Subscription Online Lifestyle Magazine

Do you love travelling, hearing about travels, planning travel or reminiscing... about travelling? This is Wanderlust, explorer!


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