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Solving a Sticky Situation

There’s nothing more annoying that chewing gum that sticks to your shoe from the road or the path is there! Unsightly, irritating and just downright antisocial, there is now a way to not only dispose of old gum, but also to recycle it via closed loop recycling into – yes you’ve guessed it, a bin for the disposal of chewing gum.

Step forward Anna Bullus, the founder of Gumdrop Ltd in 2009 which aims to tackle the global problem of chewing gum litter. Gumdrop Ltd is the first company in the world to recycle and process chewing gum into a range of new compounds that can be used in the rubber and plastics industry via a process called Gum-tec®. This innovative process is used to manufacture the Gumdrop and Gumdrop on-the-go, pink receptacles designed specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum. When the bin is full, the along with its contents of waste gum is recycled and processed to manufacture new Gumdrops, the cycle starts again.

But Gumdrop Ltd don’t just make chewing gum bins, they also collaborate with manufacturers and companies globally to make products from recycled and processed chewing gum. With Gumdrop’s help, recycled and processed chewing gum can become a vast number of things from wellington boots, to mobile phone covers, stationary, packaging and much more.
Founder Anna told us, “Gumdrop aims to deliver innovation on a global scale and continues to educate and inspire the public to recycle their waste gum. By working together we can save money and clean up Britain inch by inch. Will you give gum a second life?”

For more information see the Gumdrop website which not only has sales information but also has educational facts and figures aimed at schools and playgrounds – a hive of gum activity! Or if you’re a company looking to use this new closed cycle compound for use in the plastics and rubber industry then get in touch.


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