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Book Review: The Carer – Deborah Moggach

We love a good page turner here at Magpie Towers and thanks to our friends at Publicity Books, got a sneak preview of a great one.

If you have aged parents, have experienced dementia or are just getting on a bit yourself, then this brilliant read will resonate. It would spoil The Carer’s story to tell you too much (and there’s a great twist a third of the way through which turns the whole situation upside down) but without giving the game away, this story is first told from the perspective of two adult children who find themselves getting a carer for their father who has dementia and is frail to say the least. The carer, Mandy, who at first seems like a godsend, proves to be something very different with her straight talking, mad bird clocks and trips to the local outlet centre – none of which the children Phoebe and Robert can believe their brilliant but distant, retired scientist father could possibly be enjoying. But it seems that he is…

Interspersed with perspectives from others of the book’s characters, this is a cleverly interwoven book of manners, expectations, disappointment and ultimately love. Like her other novel The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Moggach really lets you get to know her characters which are rounded and fully explored, from late to love Phoebe to would be writer Robert and Mandy herself, you’ll have no problem conjuring them up in your mind and following their stories with interest and affection and perhaps a little recognition.

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Review: Stacey Palaver


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