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Bullet Journaling : Whistle & Hound

If, like us at Magpie Towers, you find that you often have several notebooks (ahem Chrissy), diaries and scribbled notes on the go, then get yourself along to a bullet journaling course!

It’s a fascinating way of not only being organised but also creative and even if you’re just like me without a creative notion in my hands, you can still have a journal that you can add as much or as little to and still feel vaguely artistic. The bullet journal is a planner system devised by Ryder Carrol and (once you’ve got your head around the maths of the dotted pages) is a brilliant way to keep track of your life in one place.

Beavering away under the watchful eye of Jules Marriner

From your diary to shopping lists, goals, tasks and events and anything else that you need to ‘mind dump’ you’ll end up not just with a functional journal but also something to look back on and reflect upon at the end of the year – did you meet those goals, or indeed surpass them…

We took our bullet journaling course at Whistle & Hound in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight under the expert eye of writer and illustrator Jules Marriner and we all enjoyed it so much that we might make it a monthly occurrence! Colouring and drawing has to be the ultimate Friday mindfulness doesn’t it?

For this and other courses see Whistle & Hound’s WEBSITE

For more information about Jules Marriner see her WEBSITE

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