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Cocoa Jones

Based in South London – keep a look out for new brand and family run company Cocoa Jones.

Founded by husband and wife team Naz Khan and Michael Ogazi in 2017, the company is committed to using the best possible ingredients to create experimental flavour combinations drawing on an eclectic ranges of influences.

Building on the couple’s heritages (Pakistani for Naz and Nigerian for Michael), they devised a positioning strategy for Cocoa Jones as ‘Culture Clash Chocolatiers’ by creating a swirly CJ monogram that echoes the mixing of ingredients and cultures, whilst reflecting the hedonistic origin of the brand name (Jones is Victorian slang for addiction). The branded packaging concept builds on this positioning by bringing two patterns – Islamic and African together.

“At Cocoa Jones we embody diverse and contrasting heritage. We love our flavours to collide and our cultures to mingle; marrying unusual and exotic ingredients to create taste combinations that surprise, stimulate and exhilarate.”

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