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Hate Valentines?

For many of us, the ‘V’ word is enough to send shivers down your spine – and if you’re not spending Valentine’s Day 2019 canoodling with a loved one, then what the hell are you gonna do? Don’t be put off by the oh-so-sickening romance that suffocates our marvellous country – get out there, get the drinks in and get ready to party like 14th February is any other night out. For the sake of cynics and singletons alike, here are some Anti-Valentine’s Day events, cards and films, to make sure every glass is filled, every dance floor is packed and no one resigns their night to the sofa, or if you do, you damned well choose to!

If you’re in London then let the guys at give you some monster ideas! We particularly love this one:

Trapped In A Prison Van: An Immersive Escape Game

Nothing says romance quite like a prison van, OR DOES IT? Avoid the swathes of loved up couples in London this February and join this immersive experience for an escape game that you and your mates won’t forget in a hurry.

If you’re in Glasgow, we think this one looks brilliant!

Who said celebrating Valentine’s Day had to be soppy? Halloween may be a distant memory but horror fans looking for another terrifying fix need not worry.
This February, join us for a twisted evening of horror and romance, insidious performance from Ash Pryce: Psychic Conman, independent horror feature and short films, plus more alternative experiences for killer couples.
Bring a ghoulish lover or fiendish friend on a date to die for this Valentine’s Day.

Tickets : HERE

If you do want to send a little sentiment……then try and search for ‘Anti Valentines Cards’ Valentines. ‘Happy Consumer Driven Day’ by Donald’s Den and ‘I Hate Valentine’s day’ by Simply Said Paper Co…some are truly hilarious!

Or, if you are on that sofa and just want to watch a good old Anti Valentine’s movie then here are two worth seeking out, oldies but goodies!

Florist Genevieve Gernier (Vardalos) believes that the best way to achieve romantic fulfillment is to never go on more than five dates with the same man. She is forced to reassess her philosophy when she meets Greg Gatlin (Corbett), a restaurateur who moves into her neighbourhood.

In a series of interconnected stories, various Los Angeles residents (Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper) wend their way through the highs and lows of love during a single day. As the holiday unfolds, they experience first dates, longtime commitments, youthful crushes and connections to old flames.

Whatever you end up doing (or not doing as the case may be) – remember the 14th of February is just another day on the calendar!!!



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