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Jewellery Designer: Becca Charlo

Inspired by the sea, sand, seeds and solar skies, Becca Charlo’s bespoke jewellery collections speak volumes about her seaside home of the Isle of Wight.

“I’ve always loved creating and making ever since I can remember. Having always had an artistic interest and keen develop skills, jewellery was my next creative step (unknown to me at the time). At 14 I was given what would be my first of many silver bangles, I loved that each bangle was handmade and unique. This is something that has always stuck with me. I would describe my style as rustic with an organic approach. I love different textures, using mixed materials and incorporating stones.

I started designing bangles to add to my collection and having them made I love that they are wearable pieces of art and so personal. I began making pieces of jewellery to order and with positive customer feedback it has allowed me to grow my own business sharing the joy of bespoke jewellery and wearable art.”

To see more of Becca’s designs and to commission and buy her pieces see her website HERE

Pictures: Christine Taylor Photos


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