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Silent Portraits: Honza Sakar

Home to the pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, Dimbola Lodge on the Isle of Wight hosted the first UK exhibition of Czech fine art photographer Honza Sakar.

The exhibition revealed how the process, power and allure of wet collodion photography is still relevant today and how Sakar has invented a new way of working with the 19th century process. His link with Cameron is a creative one but brought up to date by using a modified inkjet printer and a mixture of pigments he blends himself which once again stain his hands black. This messy alchemy is also reminiscent of Camerons’s work as she was often seen in dark clothes stained with chemicals from her photography. Each Silent Portrait is an artefact conveying a visual and emotional narrative, in many ways they can be perceived as letters to Julia – the creator of photography as an art form.

Information about Honza Sakar can be found at:


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